Go to wild Port St. Lucie real estate and Paleo Hammock Preserve.Learn more about the area near your Port St. Lucie real estate by visiting Paleo Hammock Preserve. This 80 acre site is located at 8551 Carlton Road in Port St. Lucie. The parking area is located across from Teague Hammock Natural Area, four miles south of SR 70 on the west side of Carlton Road. Find comfort in nature as you walk along the one mile self-guided interpretive trail. Learn about the archaeological significance of the area while learning about the very old forests that are found here. Walk through majestic elms, oaks, palms, and hickory. These trees are part of a “hammock.” This term is used for a group of trees that have grown on slightly elevated ground surrounded by wetlands. The trees form a sort of island.

Port St. Lucie Home Owners Find Animals and Birds at the Preserve

The trail leads guests through the hammock and allows visitors to experience the grand foliage as well as see many animals. Bring your camera along, as you may see deer, turkey, heron, ibis, cardinal, mockingbird, flycatcher, catbird, and barred owls. Spend some time on the observation deck that overlooks the marsh to see what creatures you can spy. This site is especially interesting because of the artifacts that have been found here. Little is known about the people who once inhabited this area, so the finds are great ways to learn about early people who called Port St. Lucie home. Please respect these past inhabitants by taking care of this beautiful preserve. Do not remove anything you may find.

Make a day of it and visit other self-guided interpretive trails in the area. There are more than 20, and each one provides information about common plants as well as information about the geography and history of the site. Everyone living in Port St. Lucie real estate is invited to find more details about Paleo Hammock Preserve as well as links to other preserves.